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Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine
AB03/80-4 Type Auto-crossing Chain Link Fence Machine is used in control-auto of PLC. Knife winding of shape is moving used in active video timing.
Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine
Main parameter of full automatic chain link machine
1.Width scope of weaving: 1-4m
Wire scope of weaving: 2-4mm
Mesh scope of weaving: 30-100mm
With 3 sets of mesh model at buyer's requirements
2.The machine is controlled by PLC automatic controller, so only one person is needed to operate it 3.The output per minute: for example: If the mesh is 50x50mm, width: 2m, the output will be: 1M2 min.
4.Suitable wire to the machine: the tensile scope of the wire 300-500N/M2
5.Use compacting machine to make it into rolls
6.Total power of equipment 11kw
7.Weight of equipment: 4200kg
8.Outside size: main machine: 6700x1430x1800mm
Specification diameter of wire

Mesh pitch(mm)

30 40 50 60 70 80 100

wire Diameter (mm)

2.0-2.5 2.0-2.5 2.0-3.0 2.0-4.0 2.0-4.0 2.0-4.0 2.0-4.0
Semi-automatic Diamond Wire Mesh (Chain Link Fence) Machine
Semi-automatic chain link fence machine is easy for operation and control. The surface of the chain link fence is flat after being arranged. This machine has reliable property, less troubles and easy maintenance. It is suitable for small enterprises.
automatic Diamond Wire Mesh Machine(Chain Link Fence Machine)
Main technical data:
1. Outside dimensions: Length: 2400mm, width: 4400mm, hight: 2500mm
2, Maximum working platform: 8000mm, maximum weaving width: 8000mm
3, Maximum weaving aperture: 52x52mm
4, Maximum wire diameter: 4.0mm, minimum wire diameter: 1.0mm
5, Power: 3KW/ set, 0.12KW/set
6, Productivity: 15-20 m2 /hour
7, Total weight: 1.5T.
Multifunctional Diamond Wire Mesh (Chain Link Fence) Machine
Multifunctional Diamond Wire Mesh Machine(Chain Link Fence Machine)
Main technical data of multifunctional diamond wire mesh machine:
1. Outside dimensions: Length: 3200mm, width: 750mm, height: 850mm
2, Maximum working platform: 2000mm, maximum weaving width: 2000mm
3, Maximum weaving aperture: 200 x 200 mm, minimum weaving aperture: 4 x 4 mm
4, Maximum wire diameter: 6.0mm, minimum wire diameter: 0.4mm
5, Power for Model A: 1.5 KW, for Model B: 0.8 KW.






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